Red Oak Saying Yes to Life I SAY YES / JE DIS OUI
Red Oak Saying Yes To Life!!

Introductory verse and melody .............................................Carolyn McDade

To the mountain ~ To the plain ~ To the waters that fall as rain

I say YES

Verses for GAIA created at Macphail Nature Centre ~ November 16th 2002

To the islands ~To the sea ~ To the fragile life that dwells in these
To the rivers ~ To the rain ~ To the life forms that they sustain
To the ocean ~To the sand ~ Tides flowing re-shaping land
To the circle ~ To the song ~ To the heartache moving us on
To the sunlight ~ To the pine ~ To the children yours and mine
To the mother ~ To the babe ~ To the blood flowing in our veins
To the longing ~ Amongst the pain ~ To the spirit where we are re-claimed
To the spirit ~ To the land ~ To the deep grace of all beings
Á la conscience ~ Á la terre ~ Á la tendresse de tous les ętres
To the women ~ To the sky ~ To the spirit saying "fly"


Verses for GAIA created at Oceanstone ~ November 17th, 2002

To the children ~ To the dream ~ To the memory of all that's been
To the oceans ~ To the tides ~ To the seagulls that o'er waves ride
To the marshlands ~ To the mists ~ To moon on water guiding us home
To the coastline ~ To the fog ~ To deep Atlantic that's in us all
To the storming ~ To the ice ~ To surrender, our breath, our life
To the heavens ~ To the stars ~ To the wonder from afar
To the eagles ~ To the gull ~ To the horned owl, freedom to all
To the hemlocks ~ To the moss ~ To the fragrance reviving us
To the newborn ~ Precious seeds ~ To all new life fulfilling needs
To hanging on ~ To letting go ~ To the truth, our spirit knows


I Say Yes will be on the CD!
Great Lakes Basin Women will be singing it!

  Music being considered by Atlantic Canada Women for the CD...

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