Species at Risk or Extinct
in Atlantic Canada

(Highlighted species are included in The Longing Series)

American Martin (endangered) Atlantic Walrus (extirpated) Beluga Whale (endangered) Blue Whale (endangered) Fin Whale (special concern) Gaspé Shrew (special concern) Grey Whale (extirpated) Harbour Porpoise (threatened) Humpback Whale (special concern) Northern Bottlenose Whale (special concern) Polar Bear (special concern) Right Whale (endangered) Sea Mink (extinct) Southern Flying Squirrel (special concern) Sowerby's Beaked Whale (special concern) Wolverine (endangered) Woodland Caribou (Boreal population) (threatened)

Anatum Peregrine Falcon (threatened) Barrows' Goldeneye (special concern) Bicknell's Thrush (special concern) Eskimo Curlew (endangered) Great Auk (Extinct) Harlequin Duck (special concern) AIpswich@ Savannah Sparrow (special concern) Ivory Gull (special concern) Labrador Duck (extinct) Least Bittern (threatened) Passenger Pigeon (extinct) Piping Plover melodius subspecies (endangered) Red-shouldered Hawk (special concern) Roseate Tern (endangered) Short-eared Owl (special concern) Tundra Peregrine Falcon (special concern) Yellow Rail (special concern)

Atlantic Cod (special concern) Atlantic Salmon (endangered) Atlantic Whitefish (endangered) Atlantic Wolffish (special concern) Banded Killifish (special concern) Lake Utopia Dwarf Smelt (threatened) Northern Wolffish (threatened) Redbreast Sunfish (special concern) Shortnose Sturgeon (special concern) Spotted Wolffish (threatened)

Reptiles and Amphibians
Blandings Turtle (threatened) Leatherback Turtle (endangered) Northern Ribbon Snake (threatened) Wood Turtle (special concern)

Eelgrass Limpet (extinct) Dwarf Wedgemussel (extirpated)

Maritime Ringlet (endangered) Monarch (special concern)

Plants Lichens and mosses
Anticosti Aster (threatened) Barrens Willow (endangered) Bathurst Aster (special concern) Boreal Felt Lichen (endangered/special concern) Eastern Lilaeopsis (special concern) Eastern Mountain Avens (endangered) Fernald's Braya (threatened) Fernald's Milk-vetch (special concern) Furbish's Lousewort (endangered) Golden Crest (threatened) Gulf of St. Lawrance Aster (special concern) Long's Braya (endangered) Long's Bulrush (special concern) New Jersey Rush (special concern) Pink Coreopsis (endangered) Plymouth Gentian (threatened) Redroot (threatened) Sweet Pepperbush (special concern) Thread-leaved Sundew (endangered) Tubercled Spike-rush (threatened) Water-pennywort (threatened)

Species descriptions are found at:

Environment Canada
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with the following exceptions:
Northern Ribbon Snake
Blue Whale

Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada

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