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O Beautiful Gaia
~Women of the Great Lakes Basin~

We are women of two countries--Canada and the United States--who share land, water, sky and song. The human-made borders between us do not divide, rather they give us different perspectives and gifts to share in peace and gratitude. We draw one another forth by supporting, challenging, creating and believing. The river that hugs both shores shows us how to embrace all aspects of our lives with integrity. We flow freely into sisterhood and song.

The heart of our bio-region beats on both the Windsor, Ontario and the Detroit, Michigan sides of the Detroit River. The bridge that connects us is called the Ambassador Bridge. We know and love the Great Lakes that feed and nourish the land on which we live--Lakes Erie, Ontario, Huron, Superior and Michigan. We are women who live in cities, suburbs, villages and rural areas. We travel from as far away as Toronto and Northern Michigan to join together one full day a month to sing and create community. Our ages range from our teen years into our 80s. We have unique work and family lives but share a commitment to Gaia, the planet Earth. It is this commitment and a love of singing with women that have brought us together to be part of this wondrous Vision of helping to sustain "O Beautiful Gaia." May our children, our children's children and their children's children harvest the seeds we lovingly sow during  the seasons of Autumn 2002 through Autumn 2003.

The women of the Great Lakes Basin are fortunate to have two dedicated, creative Great Lakes Basin coordinators in Joan Tinkess of Windsor, Ontario and Penny Hackett-Evans of Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Our deepest gratitude goes to our sister-in-song ,Carolyn McDade, for daring to dream this Dream into reality, and for inviting the women of our bio-region to join our dreams to hers. And we send heartfelt greetings to our sisters in Atlantic Canada and Atlantic New England, for it is together that "O Beautiful Gaia" will heal and transform each one of us, our communities, and our wounded world. May it be so.

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Atlantic Canada
Atlantic New England

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