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O Beautiful Gaia

    A Creative Arts
    Recording Project

Atlantic Canada
Great Lakes Basin
Atlantic New England

In the deepest recesses of our being we have heard the call…the first call, the deepest call, the one in no way complete or brought to satisfaction… the call of Earth…through waters and winds, forests and farmland, inviting us to become one again with all that lives.

Following in the spirit and path of the women of western Canada who sang their land, we, in Atlantic Canada, the Great Lakes Basin and Atlantic New England have come together with Carolyn McDade to dream our land and waters, with their myriad life forms, into a vision for the future. In creating solidarity with earth and the generations to come, we create community as women.

This project has taken place during the moons of four seasons beginning in the fall of 2002. During the course of this project, a double CD HAS BEEN created! It has beena deeply reflective experience weaving singing, ritual, study and experiences on our land. Each group has grounded in its bioregion for the reflection, singing and recording of their portion.

Gradually the idea is taking form that Earth is common ground and that land must be held in safekeeping for the generations to come. Support grows for the land ethic that recognizes our 'common ground' from mountaintop to meadow, river to rocky coast. Our lands may well hold an essential key to the recovery of ourselves and the healing of the deep alienation and violence in our cultures. As an integral part of this project are holding true the notion that 'four acres' are needed for the safe passing of each of us to nurture body and sustain soul. We will intentionally join with conservancy groups to preserve and protect our common heritage.

Please join your energy to ours in a circle of women committed to living this vision ~ humanity renewed in an Earth refreshed.

We know what we need to know
       to enter this longing
We have what we need to have
to imagine with passion and compassion
       what we might become
We see what must be seen
       to flow with fury infused with love

                Deep and tender…

Joan E. Tinkess ~ Great Lakes Basin - Ontario
Penny Hackett-Evans ~ Great Lakes Basin - Michigan
Chris Loughlin ~ Atlantic New England
Carolyn McDade ~
Jan Devine ~ Atlantic Canada

O Beautiful Gaia CD Ordering