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~Women of Atlantic New England~

We are women, with one migrant member from Pennsylvania, who live in the watersheds of coastal New England.  This land, in long relationship with Atlantic waters, is one of shore and dune, woodland and grassland, hills, plateau, and marsh. We share life with whales, alewife, hawks, turtles, terns, fox and coyote, white pine and maple, chicory and purple asters.  We are fast losing the right whale. There are signs that osprey are returning.

We are women in a country evolving a state of perpetual war and preparing to bomb another country.  Our dissent in this country is long, thoughtful, well grounded, and alive in these times.  It moves in the slow but increasing turning of human consciousness to new understandings.  We dream this project as one to enable our womanspirit to embrace the anima mundi, the planetary soul, revealing itself to those open to it.  Bringing this into our cultural life, we reinvent who we are as humanity in Earth community.

Forty-five spirited and joyous women, we gather one day each month at Crystal Spring Earth Literacy Center in Plainville, Massachusetts, a home ground for many who seek a new relationship with earth.  We sing and reflect on conservancy and its meaning in our lives.  We share personal stories, raise questions, consider analysis of why things are as they are, making connections between war/global economics and the devastation of earth community and human culture. Our first long gathering, we reflected on that to which we say YES and that to which we say NO ? places of assent and dissent in our lives.

We rejoice that we are a part of a larger project with women of Atlantic Canada and Great Lakes Basin, sharing solidarity with Sacred Web Women of Western Canada, and all who create solidarity with Earth and future generations of all species.

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