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O Beautiful Gaia
~Women of Nova Scotia~

We are women of Nova Scotia who have come to know and love the music of Carolyn McDade through Fire in the Soul, an annual summer gathering of women and song at the Tatamagouche Centre. We are one of two groups in the Atlantic Provinces- one in NS, and one in PEI that also involves women from NB. Each group joins together one full day a month to sing and create community. Our ages range from our twenties into our sixties. We have unique work and family lives but share a commitment to Gaia, the planet Earth. It is this commitment and a love of singing with women that have brought us together to be part of this wondrous Vision of helping to sustain "O Beautiful Gaia." May our children, our children's children and their children's children harvest the seeds we lovingly sow during  the seasons of fall 2002 through summer 2003.

We are blessed to have two dedicated coordinators- Jan Devine and Charlotte Keen who are giving their time and energy to keep us all moving and thinking forward.

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