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Endangered and At Risk Species:
Canadian Wildlife Service: Species At Risk
Canadian Nature Federation: Endangered Species
Southwestern Ontario Bald Eagle Monitoring Program
Great Lakes-Big Rivers (US Fish & Wildlife Service Region 3)
Great Lakes Declining Amphibians Working Group
NatureServe: A network connecting science with conservation. A source for information about rare and endangered species and threatened ecosystems.

Land Conservancy:
Great Lakes Bioregion Land Conservancy
Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy

Environmental Action Networks:
Sweetwater Alliance: Water for Life. Not for Profit
Citizens Environment Alliance: The Citizens Environment Alliance (CEA) is a non-profit, grass-roots, binational, education and research organization. We are committed to an ecosystem approach to environmental planning and management.
Michigan Land Use Institute: A Bold Voice for People and Their Places
Public Citizen: Water For All campaign
David Suzuki Foundation: Solutions are in our nature
Canadian Renewable Fuels Association: A non-profit organization that promotes renewable bio-fuels (ethanol, biodiesel) for automotive transportation.

Our Bioregion:
Ojibway Nature Centre of Windsor
Sweetwater Visions: Focusing on the Great Lakes Ecosystem
"The goal of Sweetwater Visions® is to increase awareness of the beauty, interconnectedness, power, fragility, and rich heritage of these Sweetwater Seas. With the Great Lakes ecosystem as a primary focus, we explore universal themes and connections that apply to the entire planet."

Internet Resources:
Eco-Portal: The Environmental Sustainability Search Engine & Information Source
SeaWeb: The link is for an information clearinghouse site on aquaculture issues designed by Seaweb, an interdisciplinary "team composed of experienced individuals from a wide variety of fields, including biology, exploration, publication, media and public relations."
Canadian Biodiversity Information Network

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