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It gives me great pleasure to see my work supporting the Gaia Project. It is a project full of spirit and song and heart. I hope my work will help us to celebrate the miracle of our life on this earth and of all that is divine in the world around us.

I love the moment of taking a photograph. For me, it is a moment of quietness, of presence, of breath.

I photograph "found moments" that delight my spirit and question awareness. My photographs range from emotive renderings of landscape - to abstract studies of colour, texture, and form. They invite the viewer to consider what is being seen and to experience the moment of engagement.  Contemplation is essential to the creation of my work.


All images are digital giclée photographic prints produced using archival pigment inks on archival watercolour paper. "At low tide" has been slightly manipulated within the computer to give a softness to the lichen/seaweed on the rocks. This one image is a collaboration between myself and Craig Yorke of Image House Digital.

There are many ways to produce a photographic print from a slide or negative. In the images on this website, I have had the negative or slide scanned and the image is then printed using archival ink, such as pigment ink, on archival watercolour paper.

Whether in the darkroom or in the computer, the work is done, with my direction and support, by another artist/technician. Most photographic methods involve "manipulation". However, my aim, with the work that you see before you, is to recreate what was seen by my eye at the time of taking the photograph - to overcome the limitations of my camera. For example, I may wish to show the detail I saw in both the light and dark areas of the image, although the negative/transparency may only release this by exposing parts of the negative for different durations of time.

Thanks for your Support Margot!!!

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