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Widening Embrace ~ . . .music arising from the energies of earth

Carolyn McDade & Friends

2011 Carolyn McDade

Widening Embrace is Carolyn McDade's newest body of music - a year-long project of singing, meditation, reflection, and the arts. Sung by women from 9 regions of North America, each song arises from the energies of Creation, Earth, Universe, pulling us deep into the learning fields of forest, water, sky, stars.


My Heart is Moved ~ . . .singing into the call and vision of the Earth Charter.

Carolyn McDade & Friends

2007 Carolyn McDade

~ music that guides us through the narrows to a deeper understanding of who we are as planetary and cosmic beings.
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This project is about creativity, culture, and commitment. It is brought forth by the solidarity with hundreds of women across North America�all of one voice. It serves the vision of a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society within the well being of the whole community of life. Twelve groups, each with its local character, process, and agenda reflected on the Earth Charter as it relates to their personal and communal lives, learned music, and continue to move the call and vision of the Earth Charter into their wider community. The voices on the recording are a representative 85 women chosen by the women of these regions:

emountainaven.jpg (81019 bytes) ON SALE NOW! $12

O BEAUTIFUL GAIA ~ Love Songs to Earth

Carolyn McDade, with women of Great Lakes Basin, Atlantic New England and Atlantic Canada

2003 Carolyn McDade

We invite you to listen to Earth calling within our lands and waters. . .

We the Gaia women, connected to one another by our international waters, have been awakened and energized through song, reflection and sharing to stand firm as guardians of our precious bio-regions. We have been the recipients of gifts beyond measure for our bodies and our spirits. The great fresh waters of our continent have united us to the oceans, to one another and to the life of the world. May we respond with vigilance and generosity to the needs of our beloved planet.

100% of O Beautiful Gaia proceeds go to education, advocacy and action toward the preservation and restoration of our land and waters.

- CD Two Volume SET $12

                (81019 bytes) Released Autumn '99

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1999 Carolyn McDade
Singers of the Sacred Web

Weaving of voices, instruments, and creatures to create music of beauty and vision.

Through the moons of four seasons women from western Canada met to sing, reflect, and give creative expression to Women ~ Land ~ Spirit. It is a dream emerging. We sing to create culture that will deepen human understanding and commitment, that we intentionally create sustainable ways of living that reverence the earth, one another, and the wider community of beings with which we share life and habitat.

- CD Two Volume SET $24 - Cassette (90 minutes) $15
- Notebook of choral scores with piano $40

1996 Carolyn McDade

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Weaving of voices - songs and chant, instruments, birds - in communion with the land on which we live - calling us to a deep and passionate conversation with life that ignites our love and illuminates a larger purpose by which to gauge our living. . . beautiful and meditative. . . rich instrumentation of piano, cello, flute, oboe, guitar, folk harp - as well as synthesizer, tamboura, bodhran, occarina, bowed psalter, English horn, and more.

CD $20 - Limited Supply Remaining
Includes: This Ancient Love, Chants of the Long Voice Series, Gratitude, Rivers, Between Us, Shadow of Your Wing, and more.

Songs of Carolyn McDade and Friends
1993 Surtsey Publishing

A deep washing of the soul through song - an interweaving of women's voices with the sounds of piano, cello, flute and guitar. . . this music and accompanying book of songs and reflections bring forth songs by Carolyn McDade and a diverse and beautiful collection of songs by other women in the project. . . along with original songs are ones from South Africa, Korea and Ireland. . . also, an English/Spanish version of "Spirit of Life."

No Longer Available. 

Includes: Serpent Song, Home, In Memory of Her, Yuhnin-Ah, May My Blood Be, Song for Martyrs, Spirit of Life/Espiritu de Vida, Healing, and others.

Long Road of Music...

We Come With Our Voices (1982)

First tape in this 15 year body of music. . . Chorus of activist women sings songs to sustain people in long and faithful work of justice . . . emphasis on voice, with accompanying guitars, piano, dulcimer.

Includes: Song of Hands, Call to Women, Who Will Go with My People, Creation of Peace, A Song of Woman.
Rain Upon Dry Land (1984)

Women of earth, we rise
Voices once silenced now we raise
Gentle of heart and bold of dream
Justice the work of our living hand

Vocals with Piano, Flute, Cello, Dulcimer, Guitar, Drum

Hymn of Earth's Women, I Come of My People, You Came Like Rain Upon Dry Land, Rising Green, Come Drink Deep, Song to Mary, Song of Community, Somos Mujeres, Bella Ciao, Asikatali, We Want Land on Earth, Idania's Letter, I Lift Mine Eyes, You Have Touched a Woman, You Have Struck a Rock, Hold On
This Tough Spun Web (1986)

Songs of Global Struggle and Solidarity

Chorus of justice-seeking women create this tape of 16 songs. Included are South African Women's anti-pass song, song of a Korean woman to her Asian sisters, songs from US Civil Rights, Central America, The Phillipines, and 7 songs of Carolyn McDade. Piano, cello, flute, guitar and more.

Trouble and Beauty; Liyashizwa; Ntsiki's Testimony; Woman, Tell Me Our Story; Chants of a Wide Terrain; Prayer to Friends; title song; and others.

The Best of Struggles (1989)

Multicultural Women's Project in Music

This remarkable project and resource of 23 songs was created by a chorus of 47 women from 17 cultures. Over several months women met, shared stories and perspectives on history, raised questions, then sang. A percentage of proceeds from this particular tape/book support women's justice projects.

This Ancient Love (1990)

Reflective Songs of Carolyn McDade

Tape of original material, from the hauntingly beautiful to poignant ballad, explores in texts basic themes of feminist spirituality - building justice, making connections, honoring Creation, taking risks. . . includes four choral pieces and eight solos, with rich interplay of piano, cello, flute, rebec, bowed psaltry and more...

Cedarstand, Compassion Piece; No One Can Answer for Me; Go Well, My Friend; Coming Home; Covenant; Counterpoint to Wonder,This Ancient Love (Solo version. More recently recorded as a choral version on
As We So Love)
Sister, Carry On (1992)

Songs for singing. . . songs for circle gatherings, reflection, and celebration. . . songs to create community, sustain liberating movement, and weave together earth spirituality and social transformation. . . uplifting and deepening songs sung by a chorus of women, interwoven with the sounds of piano, flute, cello, guitar and more.

Title Series, Woman to Woman; Crow Builds Nest; De Colores; Castle of Dromore; Mujer Salvadorena; Hark for the Sun is Returning; Seeds of Change; Come Sing a Song with Me; I Come to You, My Friend; Song of a River; and others.

Lyrics to Song of a River


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