Widening Embrace
Launched in Fall of 2011. . .

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My Heart is Moved 2007
Launching in Fall of 2007. . . click link for web page of My Heart is Moved project


O Beautiful Gaia 2003
O Beautiful Gaia
Among the Many
Longing Suite
Women Singing Land
Circle of Life
So Great a Love
Dissent ~ Assent Trilogy
Toile d'une Tle ~ Island Harpistry
Sun Look Out
Listen Improvisation
Listen to the Voices
The River is Flowing
Great Waters ~ A Reading
Great Waters
Osprey Return
Hue Air
By our Lives
Confluence ~ Call of Dawn
Return Again
Women's Peace Prayer

We Are the Land We Sing 1999


Hills of Grass
Variation on Themes
Born of a Star
You Ask My Name
Tell Me Your Name
Call of Things
There is a Time
Uprising of Hope
We Shall Release a New Justice


As We So Love 1996
This Ancient Love
Chants of the Long Voice
Occarina Improv
Oboe / Flute Improv
Between Us
Shadow of Your Wing

Sorrow and Healing 1993
Sorrow and Healing
Thuma Mina
Ee'Sehsang'Saneun'Dong An
In Memory of Her
Song for Martyrs
May My Blood Be
Espiritu de Vida

Sister Carry On 1992
Carry On Series
I Am Enraged
Woman to Woman
Crow Builds Nest
Break of Day
Field of Corn
Solidarity Statement
De Colores
Castle of Dromore
Mujer Salvadorena
Gracias a la Vida
Hark for the Sun is Returning
Seeds of Change
I Come to You
Come Sing a Song with Me
Song of a River

This Ancient Love 1990
This Ancient Love
Call to Prayer
Cedar Stand
Counterpoint to Wonder
Earth Song
Compassion Piece
No One Can Answer for Me
Song For My Daughters and Those They Love
Go Well My Friend
Spirit of Justice
Love, Be Our Way
Coming Home


Best of Struggles 1989
Abantwana Be-Afrika
Clo Dlo
Fanm D'Ayiti
I'm So Glad
Ain' Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round
How Can I Keep From Singing?
It's a Big Song
The New Year is Coming
Jindo Arirang
The Pines
Yo Soy Mujer
Nicaragua Nicaraguita
El Sombrero Azul
Cantico de Mujer
Four Green Fields
And She Will Rise
All I Want Is Union
We Have the Spirit & the Power
The Rest of Our Lives
We Shall Overcome

This Tough Spun Web 1986
Song of Solidarity
Trouble and Beauty
Ntsike's Testimony
Ang Bayan Ko
Woman, Tell Me Our Story
Chants of a Wide Terrain
Nosotras Venceremos
Prayer to Friends
This Tough Spun Web
Hipswinging a Safe Road
E Ya Ujamaa
This Little Light of Mine
Oh Freedom
I Feel Like Going On

Rain Upon Dry Land 1984
Hymn of Earth's Women
I Come of My People
You Came Like Rain Upon Dry Land
Rising Green
Come Drink Deep1
Song to Mary
Song of Community
Somos Mujeres
Bella Ciao
We Want Land on Earth
Idania's Letter
I Lift Mine Eyes You Have Touched a Woman, You Have Struck a Rock
Hold On
Come Drink Deep

We Come With Our Voices 1982
Song of Woman
Comin' Out of Exile
Spirit of Life
What I Do I Do For You
Song of Hands
Call to Women
Ballad of the Rivers
Who Will Go With My People
Canto a La Libertad
Go Tell It on the Mountain
Creation of Peace

Under One Moon 1977
Precious Memories
Speak to Me With Your Eyes
Hark for the Sun is Returning
The Raven
Ballad of a Young Woman
Song of Sappho
Break of Day
Tides of Menemsha
I'm Getting Ready to Go Home
I Will Bow and Be Simple
Under One Moon

Leave the Breads a-Burning! 1975
Singing Praises
Mama, Mama
One More Woman
So Many Nights
All Earth's Waters
Song to Mary
Leave the Breads a-Burning
Good Health
One More Woman (reprise)
Typical Topical Group
Move Sisters, Move

Honor Thy Womanself 1973
Come Daughter
Bread and Roses
Meeting of the Waters
We Might Come In A-Fightin'
I am Woman
I Wish That I Had Wings
Dorset Four Hand Reel
At Home
I'm On My Way